Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Well it's been 24 hours. Only 3 votes either way suprising with so many followers & visitors. Oh well 3 votes FOR a sneak peek IS 3 more than my undecided for or against i suppose. So without any further rambling as promised here is a sneak peek at the competition Troll Screamer pirate Sharky.

Imagine if you can he has just swung onto the ship he & his pirate ship mates are raiding. He has just landed on a rolling ship deck & is already striking out in an attacking pose weilding a cutlass...

Not much to look at from the front. What looks like a white 'skull cap' on the top of his head IS actually going to be something else later. He has a typical style pirate hat that fits over that which is removable. I did not show the hat here as i do not want to give everything away in one go lol. ALL my Troll Screamers stand at around 70cms tall by the way Be that from feet to raised hand or feet to top of a head or hat.

A slight off-set angle reveals his pose a little more here, but it is his feet i wanted to capture in this shot. As the images rotate you should be able to see not all his huge feet actually sit flat on the ground. As you can see in this shot too i have yet to trim & bulk out his ears then define the details on them more. His 'raggy bottomed pantaloons' are not actually black as they appear in these pictures. They are actually constructed from a black page sugar paper colouring book. The outlines for the pictures to be coloured are a dim grey so are not really showing up in these pictures.

The book paper was something around 120gsm, but the main reason i used it is 'sugar paper' of this or greater thickness absorbs the watery PVA glue & becomes almost like damp velvet & is then great for making rounded shapes for things like knee's etc. Also of course once thick sugar paper dries it is almost like polished steel too. The ideal shape forming & strengthening final paper layer without adding excess unwanted weight.

Sorry rambling aren't i?

Moving on then lol.

Now you can see his feet form a new angle you can see just how 'little' of his right foot actually touches the ground. Of course you can see a better shot of his pose too. Remember for all he is 80% hollow (as are 90% of my creations) his extreme tilted forward  pose is STILL a VERY top heavy one. Large feet or not he by all rights according to the rules of gravity he SHOULD be falling over forwards, but is not. I assure you there are NO hidden or masked out (painted out) wires or supports holding him up in ANY of these sneak peek shots.

I am at this point not too happy with his feet they are a little too 'flat' & lifeless for my liking. So once i finish this post i will be bulking out his feet a little more making them a little fatter under the toes etc. I also just realised i forgot to add his ankles DOH!.

The black colouring to his eye's & the brown colouring to his 3 toe nails there are nothing to do with paint at this stage. The eye's are simply dark paper & his toes are simply brown card stock form a pizza box on box picture. There is NO paint on him at this stage. I will not be painting him until at least a week after he is finished to allow him to 'breathe' (dry) fully first.

SO final sneak peek shot for now. Perhaps i might do more later if your all not dissapointed with what you have seen here today so far?


  1. Troll Pirate is looking great!!
    Love his Big Feet....looks like he's ready to clunk someone if they get too WIP

    SpOOky Dreams my Dear Friend


  2. Thats the impression i was going for lol. Waiting until he gets his hands & cutlass you might want to stand back in case he spots you lol.

    I love big hands & big feet on cartoon charactors such as Trolls & the like I don't know why but for me they jut look funny & right at the same time lol. Thanks for the great comment.

  3. I too love his feet. Especially his toe nails.
    You do GREAT NAILS. I'm still trying to get to that degree of realism.

    Much harder than you make it look.

  4. Luella: No, no it's not so hard really lol. Simply cut out a solid 'U' shaped (nail shaped)piece of cardstock in relation to size of your project. Then a small length of foil (or string, clay etc for really small figures). Roll the foil pretty tightly. Cut the foil to almost one third of the length of the nail. Wrap the foil (string etc) around the back of the nail to form the cuticle. Then flesh over. Voila' a nail & cuticle lol.

    Don't worry i WILL be doing a special post on how i make my Troll Screamers from balloons to finished Troll Screamer. It WILL include ALL the building tricks including nails too lol.