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Saturday, 20 March 2010


So i started on the new mask even though this is a rush project i am only around half way through it right now. Ordinarily this should only have been a two day project as it is only a 'half mask' but i know my son & how his masks have to be a certain way. With this in mind as with the first mask i made him i have decided to use a tried & tested method that worked the first time around.

Essentially i am making a 'dummy' or 'blank' mask to copy from 'after' i have worked on any/all adjustments to finer details he wants added to this new mask. I didn't keep the first 'blank' mask i made but i am this one so if this mask gets crushed or something else happens to it i can replace it more easily this time around.

So enough rambling from me & on with the show as they say lol.

I began by drawing 'half' of the final shape onto serial box cardstock. I then cut this out & used this template to create a perfectly shaped 'full' template. I have two printers & both need replacing otherwise i would have simply printed this whole template out.

The final result again on the same serial box cardstock.

Sorry about the odd angle for this picture. It would not size right for me in here. I cut out all the fold points, air vents & the nose notch at the same time.

A quick tack to all folds & joints with masking tape to hold it all in place. A little rough to look at especially for MY normal standard of working practice. I am not worried at this stage however as this is ONLY a template remember. I have to do some fine tuning anyway before i move to the copyng stage anyway.

To make sure the mask stayed in the shape i wanted i ran two bamboo skewers through it & then glued them in place.

With ANY projects that are rushed you WILL end up with a rough crude & ugly finish as i have here. As i say though i will have some changes to mke i am sure before my son is happy with the final design. So i have not worked to my normally high quality finish at this stage. I will simply give this a quick sanding down later. I DID work the final shape as the paper & cardstock dried out to make sure the fixed shape was even.

When making masks either a half mask like this one or a full face mask you HAVE to keep the layers of papr even, equal & evenly spread out. If you don't even on a crude mask like this one it WILL warp when it dries out no matter how good you are at PM'ing.

The only real distinguishable difference my son wanted to this mask was a flowing 'ribbed' form running down the cheeks of the mask on both sides of the mask. As with the rest of the mask i have at this stage kept these 'crude' to make things quicker to change or refine later.

So how will this mask finally look?

Will it actually look better as i said it would when finished?

My son & his girlfriend are due to call around tomorrow (Sunday) for the day. I will get final confirmations on the final look for this new mask then. The final 'actual' mask i am making will the be ready very soon after that. Stay tunned more soon.

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