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Friday, 26 March 2010


Whilst i like Blogger even though it is missing a few options i'd ike to see implemented like a spell checker, not saving drafts every 30 seconds whilst creating a post etc. I have gotten used to it's - quirky ways. I have NEVER how ever been happy with my particular layout. I am just a die hard full page website kind of guy i suppose lol. Any way the two column thing never worked for me personally. I like to split all my catagories or as many as possible into their own segments if i can.

With this in mind instead of going to bed & catching up on sleep like i should have done, 'late' last night - early hours of this morning i went hunting & i have to tell you the hunt was a great success too. Not only did i find what i was looking for but i found a lot more besides that. I wanted to know HOW some people were getting more than two columns on their blogs, three being the genral rule. In minutes of my hunting i came across this little gem:

Not only will i be able to ditch the two column look & can do a LOT more including adding a background picture (undecided on that as yet). I have picked out a nice little layout for myself. Sadly it WILL mean a few hours editing current posts to fit the new layout. I will of course have to go back through my older posts too & fix the formatting on those or they will not look right when displaid but they can wait until following weekends - later.

So next weekend (not tomorrow) if you drop by you will know why everything suddenly looks like a road traffic accident for a day or two lol. I will work on the new look as much as i can over the weekend to get it finished as quickly a possible so things can resume some kind of normality as quickly as possible. I truely appologise for any inconviniences that will be caused i am sure during the up coming transition period.

If YOU are interested in making some radical changes to YOUR blogs layout too then you can find the link to this great blog in my list of blogs i follow in my right hand column.


  1. hi Jonty!
    this gonna be v interesting!i'll stay tuned !i was wondering how other can spice up their page look while i can't.the truth is i did not made researches in this way lol.i am not v contented of my page look also but that's it for the minute.

    btw-i have check speller when i write a post(i did not made any settings) and it's not saving drafts any 30 seconds....if i remember well when installing google chrom to my pc it was an option the spell check and since that everything i write it's checked lol...


  2. Ildiko: For me the 'standard' blog layout is frustrating, annoying. Only havng two columns when we have a whole screen to play in lol.

    I think the saving every few seconds is my PC's fault. When i built it i did not realise that i had been given the wrong amount of RAM (memory) & NOW it's getting worn out (my PC). So it may be my PC to blame.
    I tried Chrome but found it to be nothing special. In fact i thought it lacked everything normal Google had, or at least how i liked it to be so scrapped it.