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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Okay this is not strictly a paper mache trick or tip, but it is a handy 'tip' none the less.

Blogger, or rather the editing feature for your blog has the option to add up to ten stand alone pages. Now whilst this is all well & good if you only have a few important things you want to re-cap on or make a special feature of. As your blog grows of course your going to want to have more than just ten pages.

I have noticed more & more bloggers are activating the 'LinkWithin' feature to their blogs. This marvelous little feature allows you to show ALL your previous posts 'automatically' so you do not even have to spend time updating or editing whats displaid in up to five links within your blog. They will be show at random however but that is a small thing really.

The setting up for this feature is totally automatic. Input your email addy, your blogger addy, choose Blogger as your option, state how many links you want & how many blogs to use the feature in. Click to get the code (which is installed automatically into your blog for you) then simply save on the editing option as you would whenever you have just 'customised' something on your blog. Voila' done!.

To get the LinkWithin feature yourself go here: & follow the extremely simple setup process. Or you can jump there directly from 'any' of my LinkWithin links at the bottom of 'any' of MY posts shown.

Example below:

Just click on the word 'LinkWithin' indicated here by the green arrow.


  1. hi JOnty! what can i do in half our beside checking my mail and other sites? i installed the is indeed v v easy and useful!thanks.i'm toooo lazy for posting...

  2. Ildiko: It is a nice little feature to add is it not lol. I saw quite few other bloggers using it & thought i might too. Like many things with this blog service you have to hunt to find things out. Luckily though it only took a quick run through the help files to find this little gem lol.

    Lol you post when you post it's optional lol.

  3. i know nobody points a gun to my head and i'm not playing the russian roulette either lol ...
    happily i managed to post one (it was a lucky star combination) thanks to another spare half hour lol though now not only the kitchen but the garden too are expecting my lovely presence lol.gardening is fine and relaxing while the kitchen....