Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Friday, 5 March 2010


I am currently working on 4 Troll Screamers at once right now. No pictures just yet as they are ALL off drying after having varying work carried out on them. I have just (5 minutes ago) placed the competition Troll Screamer pirate upside down to dry his 'hips' & 'ankles' which are obviousely a little weak just after attachment. I always set the legs & feet in place 'before' attaching the arms & hands. This way i can judge the best position for the 'defying gravity pose' for them. The competition Troll Screamer even has a name already. A tradition i normally save until they are finished giving them names. I find theyre personality inpsires the naming. How ever the competition Troll Screamer is NOW called 'Sharky' the priate. When finished he will be posed in a semi-squat leaning over attacking pose as if he has just boarded a rolling ship in high sea he & his crew mates are pillaging for plunder. When finished he will have a cutlass in hand too.

The other 3 Troll Sreamers also currently under way are an Egyptian mummy, a wizard & a witch. The wizard & witch (WIPs) can be seen in the right hand column in the WIP WATCH section. I will post pictures of the mummy soon at the moment he only looks like a white peanut with a face lol.

The mummy will have the classic 'coming to get you' pose with ancient bandaging placed to reveal just enough of the Troll uderneath just like in the early black & white classic movies i watched as a child.

The Wizard will have again a classic large open robe coat with a large backward drooping collar & baggy sleeves. In one hand he will be holding a spell book & in the other i am going to try to pose his hand so it can hold either a wand or staff (buyers choice what he holds). A tricky thing to accomplish since one is short & thin & the other is long & thick.

The witch will have the again classic look wearing a long black dress & peeked hat (as seen in WIP WATCH in the right hand column). In one hand she will be holding a wand & in the other she will be holding her broom.

I will try to get the pictures in WIP WATCH updated tomorrow or day after. So back to it i want to get as much done today as i can i only have an hour left of work time today & have already used up some of that time with this update lol. More soon stay tunned folks.


  1. I'm loving your latest favorite is the witch so far....but, of course they are all great works of watching the progress...

    SpOOky Dreams my friend

  2. I have just finished adding sharky's (Competition Troll Screamer)right arm, his cutlass weilding arm. I will finish the final positioning of that tomorrow when i add his left arm. I also adjusted his legs too.

    I wasn't going to post any pictures of him until he is finished but i might go for it, not sure lol.

    Anyway too many late nights this being one too many it's now 02:48am here so i am off to bed.