Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Well sadly NO test build video to show you today folks on this project. Now before you all go getting together with pitch forks & flaming torches & come kicking at my front door i will explain why.

I got up this morning looking forward to as i am sure many of you were to getting the test build under way. There i was just having taken my tablets, insulin, T.E.N.S machine (pain relief electro-shock therapy doodah) fitted around my wreck of a body, table cleared ready to start the day building & videoing. When in walks my wife B (Barbara) as calm as you like & starts gathering up my PSP (my camera source), my PSP's mini cam attachment & my PSP to PC transfer cable. As i sat there dumb struck. I got as far as "What the?..." When she lovingly said "I told you last night Megan needed to borrow this lot for a school project today. Don't look at me like that if you can't remember." Then she scuttled off leaving me wondering just what i was going to do next.

So, i went ahead with the test build anyway. Whilst i couldn't do a video on it today i still managed to get some photographs using my trusty mobile. So without any more rambling excuses that no one is going to believe anyway here are some pics & notes from todays test build.

It became very clear to me by the time i added the third section that i need to make each section 'wider' & 'longer' to get the right giant clam look for this project. I carried on any way hoping you might still be able to see in some part how it will look when finished. It dawned on me too that i didn't add the claw like 'peek' to each section either. So i quickly popped a couple on after i put this half together. For the next templates i WILL simply draw these parts on.

As i say i need to make each section wider so that the whole shell comes around the sides more when put together. Then longer so i can make the flatter deeper back section too. These are minor corrections though. This was after all a 'test build' so little things like this are bound to show up. So here are the rest of the still shots for now. I will get to correcting the mistakes tomorrow & will (ahem!) get some video shot of the second test build then too.

I most sincerely appologise for this delay folks. Totaly my fault. Er!, i mean my wifes & daughters fault. I shall punish them most severely by pointing at them & pulling faces whilst silent mouthing "YOU, YES YOU" All night if i have to lol.

More soon i promise.