Work on the unfinished Troll Screamers shown above as well as several NEW Troll Screamers will resume soon. I have several body parts ready to go for the new creations.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Last weekend i got the final approval & further requested specks for the replacement mask for one of my sons. So i can get that finished this weekend now. Making the blank or 'jig' mask to copy from (build onto/over). So since i have a few things to cast in plaster this weekend (my original dolphin mold - One half got smashed) I thought i might carry on with the mask making too.

If you remember i started some masks of my own using a commercially bought plastic mask, from which i made a few modyfied versions? Well i figured since i will be making some plaster molds i may as well kock a few mask molds out too while i was at it.

A reminder of the paper mache masks i made a while back now. I intend to copy these out into plaster from which i can make my own paper mache masks. When i have those copied out in plaster as well as making simple wearable masks from the plaster copies i have an idea for some backlit wall mounted versions too. More on that later though.


  1. I've always enjoyed trolls myself...My sister used to tell me they lived under a bridge near my house and so I shouldn't ride my bike over it at dusk as they'll come grab me. I STILL remember that! LOL! Hi Jonty!

  2. By Way of Salem: I think the classic 'under the bridge' tale was a first for many western children as their first thoughts/stories of trolls, i know it was mine too. Though for me nursery rhymes then later cartoons at a early age was my first introduction to trolls per say.

  3. I hope you share the progress of the masks... I love what I see!!

  4. I do love masks. Looking forward to seeing your creations.


  5. MarZel: Most definately will don't worry lol. If your going to positive & negative mold copy using plaster then the 'ideal' shapes are basic, even, straight, no curves, definately no curves. Instead you should use a rubber or latex based molding solution.

    However i do art with artists who may be working to a tight budget, who may not have rubber based molding soloution cash to spare. I created those masks with every intention of showing everyone just how YOU CAN copy in plaster even shapes that are normaly a no no lol. More soon i have been preping a small contingient of items for plaster molding since yesterday lol. More soon i promise.

  6. The Frog Queen: Believe it or not i am NOT a mask person, well not a great lover of mask making any way. They are too simple to create. Unless of course your going to make a creature or some other 'wow how did you make that?' kind of mask lol.

    The masks i am making are more to show how very difficult creations CAN be made simply & be copied just as simply too masks or something else just as complicated for copying in plaster. More soon.