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Sunday, 21 March 2010


Seriously confused really!.

I have been updating the competition 'countdown' posts as i go for my Troll Screamer give away competition using the official Blogger 'dashboard' as my monitoring method. Yesterday at the time of sign out from my PC for the day it registered 154. So naturally i left the competition update information set at 154 too.

Today i logged in & NOW the dashboard information is telling me i only have 149 posts?

Now don't get me wrong i like Blogger. It is far from perfect & could use a few additional things (a spell checker woould be nice lol) here & there to make it more user friendly & look better. Things as they are i use it as it is because it doe's what i need for now.
This post count is troublesome though i have to admit to you all. As the post counter reached 150 i was geting excited myself & i am the one giving away a prize at great cost to myself here. Now i have to go & reduce the listed number of posts to to 149 in the competition rules listing.
I think the way Blogger have set up this blog sites code have it counting the 'draft' posts too. It is the only answer i can think of here myself? I come to that conclusion as i erased a back load of draft posts yesterday not long before signing out. That for ME seems to be the only answer for the sudden dashboard count for my posts. I know i have not removed any actual posts at all, only the drafts.
So with heart felt regrets & serious apologies i am reducing the last competition countdown posts from 154 to 149 as of today.

Just checked on posting this. The dashboard states 150 posts NOW yet the 'post editor' states 149. I WILL now be counting the official posts for the competition countdown from my post 'editor' listing as the dashboard as far as i am concerned is the area in the wrong here. Again i apologise for the confusion this may create.

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